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CCN Sport USA cycling apparel is focused on bringing the top-of-the-line options to athletes, teams, and stores. The technologies integrated into CCN Sport USA clothing ensure high performance gear that works with you instead of against you. Inquire today about starting your custom order.


SSR or “Single Sided Raglan” is a rare and expensive pattern technique, where the rear raglan sleeve seam is removed, resulting in improved aerodynamics. With no compromise in comfort, CCN Sport USA SSR is always used in conjunction with a single-piece side panel.

Single Sided Raglan

XRD Extreme Impact Protection

XRD® Extreme Impact Protection combines advanced materials science with ultimate design applications. Soft and flexible, yet resilient – XRD® Technology is a lightweight, thin, breathable advanced urethane open-cell foam foam material that’s precisely engineered for repeated impact and shock absorption. XRD® Extreme Impact Protection works by continually dissipating shock waves, so the shock does not reach the wearer. It does not “bottom out” nor wear out.

Ischial tuberosity
“Sit Bones”

CCN’s S-1-R Chamois is the world’s only chamois with strategically positioned XRD® padding. It provides extreme impact protection, especially for your “sit bones.” Supremely comfortable, even for the first ride of your season!

XRD Extreme Impact Protection Diagram


X-GRAIN is our high-tech and effective cross-grain cutting technique. All elastomeric fabrics have a grain where the stretch-compression is most powerful. So, by cutting across the grain we ensure our garments provide maximum support and comfort.



MITI SPIRAL-SPEED FABRIC is used to enhance speed. We teach our kids to throw a “spiral” when they first pick up a football. From bullets to tornados, we know spiral motion goes faster – very fast. Wind tunnel testing proves Miti’s spiral-speed fabrics’ superior speed.

Spiral Speed Fabric


Plastotex steel-cut gripper hems with silicone micro-beads keeps sleeves taut and prevents billowing.


Check out our Full-Gas and Club ranges to see how CCN Sport USA cycling products can fit the needs of you and your team. Contact us to learn more.

Ischial tuberosity by BodyParts3D is made by DBCLS (Polygondata is from BodyParts3D) [CC BY-SA 2.1 jp], via Wikimedia Commons